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Construction Scheduling Consultants: 10 Tips Before Hiring Their Services

Last Updated on August 5, 2022 by Construction Digest

If you’re considering hiring a construction scheduling consultants, there are several factors to think about before deciding on who to hire.

If you’re not careful when choosing the right person for the job, it could cost your construction project dearly.

You’re probably wondering.

Who is a construction scheduling consultant and what they do?

A scheduling consultant is an expert in the field of construction management, responsible for overseeing the entire process of scheduling.

Such work involves planning out every stage of development, from planning to build phases through marketing launch and beyond into operation.

Construction scheduling consultants are great because they’ve usually worked with other projects before yours so they already know what to expect.

Especially since your project will most likely include aspects that are somewhat similar to previous ones.

Why hiring construction scheduling consultants is good for big projects

Here are some benefits of using a construction scheduling consultant:

Time and money saving

If you’re experiencing problems with your construction project, there’s no doubt that it’s costing you time and money.

The best option is to call in a professional to fix the problem. An expert can save you not just time and money, but frustration as well.

Cost-effective plan for your schedule

Schedule issues will affect the overall costs of your construction project.

A great way to avoid such problems from occurring is by using an experienced construction scheduling service which will provide you with a cost-effective plan for success throughout every stage of development.

By hiring a consulting firm, they’ll be able to oversee every aspect of the project.

Stay on track

A construction scheduling service will make sure that your team remains on track when it comes to deadlines.

With every deadline in place, you’re less likely to experience issues down the road with missing or delayed milestones.

This is an affordable way to enforce timelines and meet required standards throughout development.

Help with communications 

Good communication between team members is just one of the benefits that come along when you work with a professional construction schedule consulting firm.

You don’t have to worry about making necessary calls, texts, emails because they do. Plus, you can text message them any time you’d like for answers to your questions.

Before Hiring Construction Scheduling Consultants Keep These 10 Things In Mind

Construction Scheduling Consultant looking at plans

1. The must have experience your specific type of project

Make sure that whoever you do choose has expertise and experience within the industry in which your project is taking place.

For example, if you were completing a retail renovation, an expert with experience specifically in retail would be best equipped to help guide you through the process of setting up schedules and ensuring that everything from vending machines to escalators is functioning properly.

This might even offer more insight into things like security or customer service during construction that wouldn’t otherwise come up in a different type of project.

2. Construction scheduling consultants must show samples of past projects

Many consultants offer free consultations in which they’ll review your specific project and give you some insight into how they would work to manage it.

Ask about there past sample projects.

Even better contact their past clients to see if they were satisfied with their project.

Also sometimes, the person that you hire might be great at what they do but not very good with customer service or billing, so try to get an idea of what working with them will be like before signing on the dotted line.

3. Ask about their availability and turn-around time

They should be about to tell you these details after receiving critical information about your project

You want someone who can provide accurate estimates quickly, especially if you suffer from tight deadlines for opening retail shops or restaurant expansions.

Most importantly, make sure that whoever is managing construction scheduling is easily reachable and that they respond to you in a timely manner.

4. Ask for legitimate references

This is kind of similar to point 2 but on a deeper level.

Request references from each consultant that you consider, then contact them to see what kind of experience they had with the person who referred them.

While it’s not critical, word-of-mouth recommendations can be extremely valuable when searching for someone to trust your project with.

You want an expert within this industry but you also need someone who will communicate well with everyone involved (including yourself) through every step of the process.

Check references and make sure they are available before signing any contracts with anyone who wants to manage construction scheduling for your project.

No matter how great they seem during their initial consultation with you! It’s always better to be on the side of caution when it comes to this kind of thing because once you start working with someone, it could be difficult to back out.

5. Make sure there’s a way out of the contract for both parties

Make sure whatever contract you sign has ways for both you and the construction scheduling consultant to back out of it if necessary.

These contracts are legally binding, so make sure that whichever consultant or company that you choose is someone that won’t try to sue you if things go wrong.

If they do, your project could be in limbo for longer than you want it to be while the attorneys hash everything out in court.

6. Never feel pressured into signing a contract or making a decision immediately

Take whatever time you need to review all of the information that the construction scheduling expert provides before deciding on anything.

It’s better to think long and hard about hiring someone rather than quickly choosing them only to regret it for months to come when everything is finished with your project and you realize it wasn’t what was promised.

7. The contract should state what will happen if project goes over budget and completion time

Make sure that there is a clause in your contract that states what will happen if the construction scheduling team goes over budget or timelines.

If not, you could be just one small miscommunication away from having to foot the bill for something you didn’t even want in the first place.

For example, like an expensive lighting installation when all you need is basic ceiling lights and carpentry work to complete the space (like creating custom cabinets and shelving).

8. Listen to you gut feeling and intuition

If everything seems great but there’s just something holding you back from wanting to sign a contract with a certain consultant or company because it “seems too good to be true”, it probably it.

If a company is offering to manage construction scheduling for you but seems too eager to talk business without going deep into specifics or not answering your questions properly, chances are that they’re going to be putting their interests before your own needs.

Construction Scheduling Consultants Can Make Your Project A Success Or Nightmare

You need a team who can work with you as a partner not against you as an opponent.

In the end, choose whoever is best suited for your project and what’s right for you overall.

No one person knows everything about this industry so make sure the people you work with have years of experience in your type of area and will be easy to get a hold of when issues arise during planning or construction phases.

Remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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