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Autonomous Construction Equipment Company Teleo Expands Globally

Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Construction Digest

Teleo, a company specializing in autonomous technology for heavy construction equipment, has announced major deals with leading construction customers John Aarts Group, Teichert and Tomahawk Construction for remote-operated wheel loaders, bulldozers, and dump trucks.

This comes as Teleo expands globally through a new dealer partner network that spans across the United States, Europe, and Canada, with Dobbs Positioning Solutions, RDO Equipment Co., SMS Equipment Inc., and SR-O Technology as key partners.

The construction and mining industry is known for being physically demanding, skilled, and often hazardous. With 91% of construction firms struggling to find workers to hire, the industry is experiencing increasing costs and project delays.

Teleo is addressing this issue by introducing its Teleo Supervised Autonomy system, which enables remote and semi-autonomous operations of any make and model of heavy construction equipment.

This system keeps operators involved, allowing them to remotely perform complex tasks that the technology cannot yet fully handle.

Vinay Shet, Co-founder and CEO of Teleo, states that the company was founded to supercharge contractors’ operators’ efforts by turning their equipment into semi-autonomous machines.

By moving operators out of the cab of the machine and into a command center, Teleo makes the operator’s role safer, more comfortable, and more accessible.

By deploying the Teleo system with its central command center, contractors can attract more operators, increase site productivity, and offer unprecedented operational visibility.

Teleo is working closely with contractors to identify the best use cases for the Teleo system and handling everything from operator training to network implementation.

By being early adopters of this cutting-edge technology, leading construction companies such as John Aarts Group, Teichert, and Tomahawk Construction are future-proofing their businesses, increasing efficiency, and improving the operator experience.

Teleo is at the forefront of the transition to autonomy for the construction industry, making customer adoption of remote and semi-autonomous heavy equipment as easy as possible with its global dealer partner network.

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