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15 Ways to Improve Productivity in Construction

Last Updated on December 2, 2021 by Construction Digest

Construction work is typically associated with a lack of productivity, especially when compared to other industries.

The construction industry has an actual productivity factor of only 60% when compared with the manufacturing and service providers (ACI).

Despite this fact, there are many things that can be done to improve productivity in the construction industry.

The purpose of this article is to explore fifteen ways in which you can increase your company’s productivity, while still maintaining safety standards.

1) Reduce Idle Time on the Job Site

One of the best ways to increase your companies overall productivity is by reducing idle time on the job site. Idle time is defined as any activity that does not directly contribute towards construction activities being performed during that time period.

By utilizing all resources available, more activities can be completed in less time. This may require hiring more workers, but often times there are more tasks that can be done by existing employees if they were given the proper equipment and instructions on what needs to be accomplished.

2) Use a Site Management Software Program

One of the best ways to improve productivity is by using a site management software program.

By utilizing a comprehensive management tool that consolidates all aspects of construction into one place you will not need to search through paper documents or emails when trying to find certain information.

The use of such programs increases efficiency and accuracy, while providing planners with an easily accessible resource for important project data which enables better decision making .

3) Eliminate Materials Waste

The construction industry often wastes large amounts of materials in the field.

Reducing this waste will directly increase productivity in the industry by lowering costs, increasing revenue and decreasing pollution . A way to do this is by using a service like E-recycling  to help recycle materials on the job site.

4) Employee Morale is Important

Low employee morale can really affect productivity negatively.

While it’s easy to think that employees should be happy because they’re making good wages, having their minds occupied with other thoughts can hurt your business needs.

Make sure that your employees are happy and comfortable working for you through recognition of accomplishments and competitive wages.

5) Use Hybrid Equipment

Hybrid equipment is available in all different sizes and styles to fit any need possible. Using hybrid equipment reduces fuel consumption and emissions, while also saving you money by lowering overall costs of equipment maintenance.

6) Use Loading Dock Software Programs

Loading dock software programs are designed to automate important aspects of your business.

These types of software programs can help track shipments in real time, reduce the amount of labor required for certain tasks, prevent worker injury through automated dock doors, improve communication between warehouse workers and more.

7) Automate Your Business Operations Using Technology

Various types of technology can be used to automate simple processes related to building materials.

This saves on labor costs and increases productivity due to timely deliveries without mistakes or lost documents.

8) Improve Warehouse Productivity with an Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) System

An AGV system is a type of automated conveyor system that is automated with the use of a computer program.

Market leading companies are now implementing these systems into their warehouse operations to improve productivity by having less human involvement, increased accuracy and lower operating costs .

9) Utilize RFID Technology

Radio Frequency Identification technology uses radio waves to track items being moved throughout facilities, helping to reduce inventory damage due to mishandling or misplacement.

This method also reduces labor costs by reducing time spent searching for misplaced equipment.

10) Improve Project Communication With Online Collaboration Tools

Online collaboration tools are designed specifically for use in the construction industry to facilitate project communication.

They allow any interested party or employee easy access to information related to the project without needing physical copies of documents.

11) Implement Automated Billing Software

There are several benefits to automated billing software. One of the biggest advantages is the ability to reduce billing time by 80% .

This results in higher cash flow, increased productivity through more accurate invoices being issued and a reduced need for clerical staff at the front desk to manually process bills.

12) Improve Communication With Field Employees

By using technology that allows employees working on site to capture information directly into an online system, you can improve communication with employees in the field without needing constant supervision or involvement from management.

13) Add Security Through Lighting

Proper lighting provides protection against security problems by deterring potential issues before they even become problems.

14) Utilize Trackless Machines

Trackless machines do not require fixed paths, which eliminates the need for side tracks along with reducing labor costs by using one-man operations.

15) Improve Productivity with Lean Manufacturing Techniques

Lean manufacturing techniques are designed to eliminate any non value adding activities, which increase productivity and reduce wasted time, materials and supplies. By following these 15 tips , you can expect to see an improvement in your business’ productivity within a few months of implementation.

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